Featured Artist May 2013

"Sacred Heart" by Connie S Rodriguez, PhD

My journey as an artist began as a Jungian psychology/art psychotherapist, author and dream tender, which included energetic techniques. I find that my painting conveys energetic realms and hopefully engage you with them and they with you.

Although I began working in watercolor, I loved the brilliance and transparency that acrylics offer and enjoy acrylics with mixed media. Like Carl. G. Jung, who painted from his dreams, my first piece centered on a dream, and led to a dream series with the theme of finding Gold. Since then, all my pieces contain gold paint in honor of that first dream. As a layerist, the canvas tells me what it wants to have on it and I observe as the shape, color and images begin to tell its story.

My attention and passion continues to be captured by the many possibilities and opportunities that arise once the paint begins to inform me and speak through the canvas.